Be Wary Of..

1.  Beware of physical therapy offices that provide only a passive type of therapy.  Such as using only hot/cold pack, massage, electrical stimulation and ultrasound.  These treatments may feel good for a very short period afterwards, but they are not a cure to your problem.  

2. Beware of physical therapist who do not teach you something new for your problem each appointment.  Whether it be a new exercise or self-help tip.  


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How to Prepare for Your 1st Appt/Exam

“I used to feel like I was stepping on cactus due to my diabetic neuropath... but now, I am able to walk with less pain in each step. I can now bravely pursue a trip with my wife I’ve been putting off. Thank you, Fit n Free.” - F. Citro, West Covina

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