FOOT CARE for those with Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy

Because you have diabetes, your feet have fewer defenses against everyday wear and tear. Neuropathy may mean you cannot feel injuries. Reduced blood flow may prevent your injuries from healing properly. Small minor injuries may quickly progress to serious infections.


How can you prevent foot infections?

1. Examine your feet regularly – look for any blisters, corns, calluses, and other skin irritations

2. See a podiatrist regularly (once a month)

3. Wear proper foot wear – make sure to examine your feet each time you remove your shoes. Watch out for any signs of redness as this means there is too much pressure in an area of your foot. If you are having difficulty finding the right footwear, it is recommended you obtain customized special shoes or inserts made especially for you by an orthotist or podiatrist. Your physician can write you a referral.



1. Color changes – redness with streaks is often a sign of infection. Darkened skin is a sign that tissue has died.

2. Swelling – symptoms include tenderness and increase in foot size

3. Temperature changes – Coldness in feet are a sign that your feet are not getting enough blood. Excessive warmth may mean infection.

4. Sensation changes – Pins and needles, numbness, tingling, burning, or lack of feeling may mean nerves are damaged.

5. Hot spots – red spots are caused by friction or pressure. These may turn into blisters, corns, or calluses

6. Cracks, sores and ulcers – caused by dry, irritated skin. These are signs that skin is breaking down, which could lead to ulcers.

7. Ingrown toenails – often caused by tight-fitting shoes or incorrect nail trimming. You may feel swelling, redness or pain in the area.

8. Drainage and odor – White or yellow moisture, bleeding, and odor are often signs of infected or dead tissues

***EXERCISE YOUR FEET to help the blood flow into and out of your feet.


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“I used to feel like I was stepping on cactus due to my diabetic neuropath... but now, I am able to walk with less pain in each step. I can now bravely pursue a trip with my wife I’ve been putting off. Thank you, Fit n Free.” - F. Citro, West Covina

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