Patient Testimonials

“As a result of carpal tunnel syndrome, I experienced hypersensitivity and a loss of fat in both thumb pads. It was hard for me to [do] everyday activities as pulling on zipper tabs and applying pressure on knives… I started going  to Fit N Free for 830 laser treatment on both hands. The treatments have stopped the hypersensitivity and restored my thumbs. I am grateful to Fit N Free for my current condition. Fit N Free is a family owned business, and the people there treat you in a professional and friendly manner. I highly recommend them.”

K. Shibata, Walnut, CA



“My neck and low back have not felt this good in years. I have not slept well in such a long time. But after going to get therapy at Fit N Free, I am able to sleep through the night. I am amazed at the laser, anodyne, and the hands of the P.T. She has taught me many exercises and the stretches are my favorite thing to do in the morning now. Thank you for all your hard work, Fit N Free. I will tell my neighbors and friends about you guys.”

C. Angels, Baldwin Park, CA



“Great results from being here. My back feels stronger, my posture feels right. I feel no more pain on my lower back. Learning the new stretches and workouts for my core has played a key role to my well being. The therapist Rheea was great, easy to talk to, very flexible with my time availability. Overall, this was a perfect place to recover from a back injury.”

D. Perez, La Puente,CA



“I used to feel like I am stepping on cactus due to my diabetic neuropathy…but now, after getting PT from Fit N Free, I am able to walk with less pain in each step. I can now bravely pursue a trip with my wife I’ve been putting off. Thank you to Fit n Free.”

F. Citro, West Covina, CA



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